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Color Teller

Click play button to hear audio about the color teller

Operating Controls

Your Color Teller has three operating controls:Picture showing the positions of the 3 buttons on the Color Teller
  1. Activate button (top recessed end of unit) - brings the unit out of power save mode and initiates a color sample.
  2. Select Button - round button on the bottom of unit, nearest to sensor end. This allows you to select volume, language and other announcements for modifying.
  3. Modify Button - oblong button on the bottom of unit, nearest battery door. This button allows changes to be made to the "announce mode" previously selected. (e.g. volume can be set to high, medium or low. Language can be set to English, French or Spanish).
Please take some time to go through all the options in order to find what "set-up" best suits you.

Operating the Color Teller

  • Hold the Color Teller with a finger on the activation button, which is on the top of the recessed end of the unit
  • Place the square flat sensor head on object selected for color recognition
  • Press the activation button; once the button is released it will announce the color being identified. Color Teller can announce up to 42 different color combinations
  • The announcement may be delayed by holding the activation button, upon release it will announce
  • The Select and Modify buttons may only be used when the unit is operational. The Activate button brings the unit out of power-save mode into an operational mode. If no buttons are pressed for 30 seconds, the unit returns to power-save mode

Color Teller Announcements

In addition to announcing the identified color, the Color Teller will also advise you when the battery needs to be replaced. Please listen to the audio instructions for further operating details.

Maintenance Instructions

To help maintain the life and performance of your Color Teller the following instructions and suggestions are provided. Although Color Teller is a durable electronic device there are some basic steps one can take to reduce maintenance, which can be costly and inconvenient.
  • Ensure that Color Teller is kept clean
  • Do not drop or subject to forceful impact
  • Keep the unit dry
  • Keep in protective case when not in use
  • Use a 3-volt 123 battery and ensure it is inserted correctly


Contact Brytech for assistance.

Return instructions

If your Color Teller needs to be returned, please follow the product return instructions.
Send questions or concerns regarding the return of your Color Teller to

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