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Stevie Wonder uses the Color Teller in Volkswagen's Super Bowl commercial

7 February, 2010

Volkswagen of America, Inc. created an ad based on the classic "Punch Buggy" game and featured Stevie Wonder, designed to increase model awareness and familiarity by reminding consumers of all the Volkswagens on the road. The game originated with the original Beetle where the first person to see a "Bug" would yell, "Punch Bug" and playfully slug his or her friend. Volkswagen debuted the "Punch Dub" campaign in a 30-second ad during the third quarter of Super Bowl XLIV and through a new online campaign. The ad, which also included actor and comedian Tracy Morgan, shows a variety of people in different driving situations gently slugging others in the arm every time they spot a Volkswagen. The twist comes when Stevie Wonder correctly identifies the colour of a nearby Jetta and slugs a surprised and dewildered Tracy Morgan.

How did he play PunchDub?

Stevie Wonder used a Brytech Color Teller and made the promise "As a messenger of peace I want to encourage countries throughout the world to find ways of subsidizing technology and ways of making the world more accessible to those with disabilities."

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