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New U.S. $5 bill to be released on 13th March 2008

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13 Dec 2007

On March 13 2008, Federal Reserve banks will begin distributing the redesigned $5 bills to customer banks, which then distribute currency to businesses and consumers. The new bills will first begin circulating in the United States and gradually in other countries as international banks place orders for $5 bills from the Federal Reserve. Older-design $5 notes will continue to circulate and maintain their full face value. Therefore, it will not be necessary to trade in old $5 bills for new ones.

For the complete press release, please visit the website of the Bureau of Engaving and Printing.

The latest Note Teller 2 recognizes the all of the bills that are currently in circulation including the new $5 that will begin circulating in March. An older Note Teller 2 may be upgraded at any time to include the new note. Please visit the Note Teller 2 upgrade page to get your Note Teller 2 updated.

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